A Fall Visit to Sherando Lake

I have ALWAYS enjoyed taking pictures, and I have taken many pictures since I was a young girl.  As an adult, I had several different cameras.  My first camera was film, my second a digital point and shoot, and most recently a DSLR.  I have really wanted to expand my knowledge in photography.  I really want to use the medium of photography to express myself creatively and maybe even start my own business.  SO, after a recent opportunity to do my FIRST senior portrait session, I have become even more passionate about becoming a better photographer.

The first steps in doing this include learning how to shoot in manual mode and learning how to use Photoshop CS6.  I have attempted to figure out manual mode in the past with no success, but with some determination and practice I am slowly starting to get it.  So as you can imagine with this new passion and knowledge swimming around in my head I am craving opportunities to practice my new skills.

So, this afternoon Matt took me and the girls to Sherando Lake to shoot the girls and the beautiful fall foliage.  I have been doing a lot of shooting in A-Aperture Priority and some in M-Manual.  I have discovered that my lenses aren’t as fast as I would like, especially chasing after a two year old! I am hoping to get a faster lens soon and maybe a new camera as well.

Some of these pics are a little out of focus, not quite as sharp as I would like, and some I’m not sure if the color is right, but I’m just proud of myself for trying and succeeding at shooting my camera manually!  All of these photos are shot in JPEG and have had NO editing!

You can see that we all had a wonderful time, especially Hannah.  She got to run around and explore outside which is one of her favorite things to do.  We met a nice family from Brazil there as well and Hannah got to run around and play with their little boy.  Aleah was a little on the sleepy side but she was content to hang with daddy.  Hope you enjoy!


DSC_9067      DSC_9058

DSC_9055      DSC_9050

DSC_9048      DSC_9044

DSC_9037      DSC_9027

DSC_9019      DSC_9013

DSC_9011      DSC_9005

DSC_9003      DSC_9002

DSC_8995      DSC_8993

DSC_8984      DSC_8975

DSC_8965      DSC_8957

DSC_8953      DSC_8950




DSC_8921      DSC_8918

DSC_8917      DSC_8913

DSC_8910      DSC_8907

DSC_8901      DSC_8894

DSC_8878      DSC_8875

DSC_8874      DSC_8857

DSC_8856      DSC_8837

DSC_8833      DSC_8831

DSC_8828      DSC_8824

DSC_8818      DSC_8812

DSC_8810      DSC_8799




DSC_8746      DSC_8741

DSC_8734      DSC_8732




DSC_8717      DSC_8711

DSC_8682      DSC_8662