Aleah Coiner 4 Months Old

Today I got some ADORABLE shots of our 4 month old.  I look at her and I feel so full of love and joy.  She is so amazing to me.  I wish I could hold her and protect her forever.

Matt and I have so enjoyed these last four months, and we know we are very BLESSED to have two healthy girls.  Our hearts are full to overflowing with love for them.  They truly are a precious gift.

I often whisper prayers of thanks to the Lord at times when I am so overcome with love, amazement, and wonder at these sweet little lasses.  I wonder sometimes how I will ever be able to train them right, keep them safe, and love them enough.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have experienced a perfect moment in time when. . . it’s 3 am, again, and I am sitting up rocking a sleeping child. Her soft, sweet baby’s breath on my neck. Her warm, delicate, chubby fingers wrapped around my thumb.  The familiar, sour smell of dried milk on her pajamas.  The soft glow of her butterfly nightlight casting shadows on her wall. I am so tired but so in love that I don’t want to put her down.  Can’t I just hold her a little longer? How about forever?

These are the moments when I talk to God and thank Him for this gift. This sweet, chubby, fussy, bubbly, smiley, spit-uppy, wonder-when-I-will-sleep-through-the-night-again-beautiful little angel. Thanks God!

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