A Simple Thanksgiving

There are so many things for which I’m thankful. God has blessed me and my family in ways that I cannot enumerate. So, today, I just want to give a simple thank you to my God for the new life that was secured for me through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. I want to thank Him for the new record that was given me in the shed blood of Jesus on Calvary. And I want to thank Him for the new heart He gave me when I surrendered to Him. He saw me on the cross, He knew me when He went to the grave, and He had my eternity in view when He rose from the grave.

I want to thank Him for the parents and family He gave me who have been by my side throughout my life. They shared the truth of Christ with me, gave me opportunities for growth, have been by my side during times of adversity, and have laughed when I’ve been filled with joy.

I am thankful for the bodies of believers that God has led me to throughout my life. In each, I have learned more about my walk with Him. In each, I have seen Christ lived by men and women and have been humbled by that experience. And, in each, I have been challenged to grow.

I want to thank Him for my friends. What a blessing they have been in my life. God knows just who and when we need friends and he sends just the right people. Sometimes, a friend walks with you for a moment, for a season, for an era, and sometimes for life. So, for all of my friends, both those who are close and those who are remembered with kind fondness, I am thankful.

I am thankful for my beautiful children. I grew up wanting to have children, but I never fully understood how having children would change my life. They amaze me every day. Watching them grow, laugh, and learn. Comforting them when they cry. Watching them with a heart that overflows as they sleep and I tuck them back in at night. My heart overflows with joy.

And, I am thankful for my wife. She is an amazing woman. She prays for me, knows when I need a hug, laughs with me, and makes me laugh. God has graced her with beauty, wisdom, and grace. In the marriage relationship, the wife reveals to her husband how he should relate to God in the eternal marriage that He has with His church. From my wife, I have learned gentleness, respect, sacrifice, joy, peace, and how to grow in faith. I can only pray that God will help me mirror for her the tender and full love in my relationship with her that Jesus has for His bride, the church. My heart melts when I think of her and I can’t help but smile.

For these things and so many more, I am thankful.