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The good new days

We often look back in our past and think about the glory days. You know, the good old days. Those days gone by when we were younger, stronger, had our greatest victories, and our deepest friendships. They were the carefree days. The days when we had little responsibility and a lot of fun. They’re the days that put a smile on our face and bring a sense of melancholy to our hearts.

Sit with a person and ask them about their glory days and their faces will soften, their eyes light up, and they’ll speaks of loves long past, sports they mastered, bands in which they played, and moments of fun spent with family and friends. As an alumnus of Fishburne Military School, I can tell you that every Alumni Weekend the guys get together, share drinks, food, and memories of their favorite teachers, craziest adventures and misadventures, and all the things that tie us together as men who’ve passed through the arch.

The good old days. Yep. They were good.  And bad. They were the times that defined our lives and made us who we are. It’s good to look back to days gone by and remember the things that have happened, but we shouldn’t dwell in those days. When we dwell in the past, we miss what’s happening now and aren’t prepared for what may happen in the future. When we’re stuck in the glory days of the past, we miss the glorious days of the present.

There is certainly a precedent in the bible to look to the past, but it’s always as an encouragement to build into the future. God often reminds his people of the victories he won for them in the past. He points his people back to times when they needed deliverance and he was there, times when he promised and upheld his promises to his people, times when he took them to better places, and stood between them and danger. But, whenever he pointed to the past, he was also pointing to the present. It was always an encouragement to step out on faith knowing that he ALWAYS keeps his promises and is ALWAYS with his people.

So, today, I encourage you to walk in God’s promises. Dig into his word, look at the promises he’s given to you, his son or daughter. Today is the day the Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad in it. These are the good new days. Our lives are still being defined, we are still being made into new men and new women in the image of God. Let’s serve our God and reach into our community with joy!